Home Alone Toy

Home Alone Toy

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The ultimate toy for the home alone dog.

Developed with the assistance of Dr Robert Holmes BVM&S PhD FANZCVS MRCVS, this hanging bungee ball toy easily attaches to a backyard tree branch, patio or deck to provide hours of tug of war fun in the yard while home alone and will spring up upon release enticing the dog to try and catch it again.

Food can be placed in the ball for extra stimulation and will rattle and dispense during play.

Great for preventing barking, boredom and separation anxiety.

If you want to entertain and exercise your dog whilst they're home alone, then the Aussie Dog Home Alone toy is the answer.


Small 20cm x 15cm x 15cm for all breeds 5kg to 10kg
Medium 20cm x 26cm x 16cm for all breeds 10kg to 30kg
Large 20cm x 26cm x 16cm for all breeds 30kg to 50kg
Extra Large 30cm x 23cm x 23cm for all breeds 50kg and over