Baskerville Ultra Muzzles

Baskerville Ultra Muzzles

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Muzzles are an essential piece of equipment for many fearful and aggressive dogs. The Baskerville is our favourite because they’re extremely durable and they allow dogs to pant, breathe, move their whiskers, drink, and eat treats. They also serve as a great visual signal for people to give you and your dog space.

There is often a stigma around the use of muzzles when in fact, they're one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you have. Think about the muzzle as an insurance policy against a dog bite!

Note: Your dog should be trained to wear a muzzle before simply putting it on. If you're not sure how, we recommend you book in a session with us so we can show you how to do so properly and effectively.

1 – Border Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier (5.71cm x 19.05cm)
2 – Cocker Spaniel, Beagle (6.98cm x 24.13cm)
3 – Border Collie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (7.62cm x 26.67cm)
4 – Pointer, Pit Bull (8.25cm x 31.11cm)
5 – Labrador, German Shepherd (9.52cm x 35.56cm)
6 – Great Dane, Rottweiler (10.16cm x 38.10cm)